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Linzi Light 2012

This is an archive of my work spanning from living in San Francisco in the 80's, to London in the 90's, to Dorset,UK and Santa Fe, New Mexico in the 00's

The work migrates through many permutations.
From early oils and multimedia paintings of urban angst to more pastoral and serene landscapes to pure abstraction ...

In Santa Fe my paintings changed to monochromatic and conceptual. I created a series of paintings called Grey Areas that portrayed the creeping encroachment of a kind of "Stepford" world of the disenfranchised.

At the time I was doing  house renovations and started a collection of 1970's DIY books. From these I found the exceptional photography that illustrates the text irresistible, especially the quality of the black and white photographs that demonstrate how to use tools and how to make things. I discovered that not only do I enjoy building and learning different manual skills but that I love to work with tools.

From this I moved onto a series of paintings of hands, using tools and paint brushes. I was interested in celebrating the manual worker and the handmade.
In more recent work, I continue to use 1970's interiors. I love the wild decoration and colours of these interiors and I work with Photoshop to make up surreal montages.

Now, I  am continuing with small acrylic paintings on wood panels.The subject matter is the architecture and infrastructure I see every day in Hove and Brighton where I live. Recreated in abstract forms, using rich colours to create mesmerizing patterns.


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